Homemade Chocolate Business Plan – Start Your Own Chocolate Business from Home


Homemade Chocolate Business Plan – Start Your Own Chocolate Business from Home – Chocolates when this word comes by someone their immense smile on everyone because perhaps 1% in the whole world hates chocolates. Home made chocolate making planning is a perfect business for a housewife and all. It is greatly enjoyed by all and they come in various forms ranging from dark chocolates to milk chocolates and all individuals have their own favorite pieces that they grab in all happy moments. From the ages, if you have become triumphant in a sports tournament or secured a first-class in graduation or whether it is a festive occasion or a family party, Sweets has come to raise the happiness but if sweets are not available chocolate is there. How would it be chocolates could bring you money? In childhood, you had spent a huge amount of money on bringing chocolates but now the table is turned now you have a chance to start top start-up business from chocolates and earn money. For housewife’s, there is a chance for entrepreneurship they can be made chocolates on home and sell it in the market whether from offline or online. They have big chance to prove themselves and earn money from and become an entrepreneur. This a chance for students also for live life on their scales because for small needs they have to ask for their parents but now they can earn from themselves In this article, we will explain Homemade Chocolate Business Plan – Start Your Own Chocolate.

 For Setting up the Home-Business you should understand few things:


  • Market Research and Funding:

   Know Market & Competitors:

If you want to make a homemade chocolate business, you’ll probably start by selling to your local market. You might be surprised at how many competitors you already have. So before you get too heavily invested, research who is selling specialty chocolate in your area, and exactly what they’re offering. Look online and talk to local specialty food stores to determine what they stock and what’s moving off their shelves. Visit near departmental stores you found your own reconnaissance – it always pays to know what your competitors are up to! and need to know professional networking tips for any business man.

After cross check competition, think about what type of chocolate you want to manufacture and sell.  Make sure your chocolate recipe that’s truly unique and can carve out its own niche; you may be able to take over a piece of that market


 Think About Funding:

The great thing about the Chocolate business is that you can start out very small, and then expand as your business grows. This will allow you to keep costs to a minimum in the beginning. Estimates for start-up costs range from 20,000 to 50,000 – which is a huge range. Your start-up costs are vary by either start small in your own kitchen or launch out in a big way with a factory and delivery trucks. Home made chocolate making plan is low investment business plan.

You have to decide how to package your chocolates to make it stand out. For ideas and pricing guidelines, purchase the Gold Book, a buyer’s guide for candy retailers and manufacturers. It provides a complete listing of available products and the companies that produce them.

If you want and can’t get a loan for your business idea, use your savings and figure out how to start small. Friends and family will be a great source for small business capital and start-up costs. Another idea is to invest in one new tool every month. Before long, you’ll have what you need to make your chocolate business a reality.

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Decide name & Make it legal:


  • Giving a Name:

After research and funding you have to give it a name that people would immediately fall for and instigated to give it a try. The name if your chocolate brand should reflect your love and passion along with the goodness of chocolates which say some kind of inspirational story which link to you.

Make It Legal:

As with any business to be legal, you’re required to get a business license and a seller’s license. If you want to certified food safety professional, which means taking a class that instructs you how to safely prepare and store food. Your facility will also have to pass health inspections on a regular basis – just as a rest

 Think About Selling:

If we think about business in this home-sector there is high competition, so think carefully about how you’re going to get the word out about your product. There are several ways to do this, and they all require a different approach and focus. Let’s take a brief look at each one.

  • Sell Retail:

First and foremost approach is to sell your candies to the general public. This can be accomplished by starting with your friends and family, and asking them to spread the word. You can promote into your neighborhood by providing free samples along with order cards. Some entrepreneurset up shop in small retail outlet stores and draws in customers by advertising in local papers with coupon promotions or by utilizing online deals sites like Group on. Social media marketing is another way to create a following.

  • Sell Wholesale:

Other homemade chocolate makers put forward to sell their wares wholesale. They do this by manufacturing sample packages, which contains actual samples of their items, along with wholesale price lists, and then distribute them among specialty food stores, restaurants, and grocers. If you decide to go this route, keep your capabilities in mind. If you sold your line to a few stores that created a demand you couldn’t fill, you would do more harm to your business than good.

  • Sell Events:

Other competitorscan go for catering aspect.The entrepreneur team will set up a table at the event that creatively displays various types of candies, usually in line with the event’s overall theme.  Networking at business functions and connect with wedding consultants, traditional caterers, and corporate event planners should be necessary.

It’s possible to pursue all three strategies in your business, as long as you don’t take on more than you can manage. A healthy business usually tries to generate various income streams.


  • Equipments & Employees for small scale Business:


  • Equipments:
  • Stove or electric burner
  • Cacao beans
  • Custom ingredients
  • Tempering stone
  • Double boiler
  • Packaging
  • Candy molds
  • Candy thermometer
  • Refrigerator



  • Employees:

As you want to start a home-business for first few months you will only make all chocolates, deliver and packaging  by own but when you start gaining some amount then you can hire an employee for assistant for you who can help in  making chocolates and hire delivery boys and packagers.

Marketing & Promoting Business:

 By making use of social media, you can keep local clients update of new items, and let them know when a fresh batch of candy has just been prepared. For more tips, see this list of the best free social media marketing sites for local small businesses. If you decide to sell primarily through retail, your goal will be to build a loyal following, and keep them excited by constantly offering new and unique products and tastes.


  • Website Building
  • Online Selling
  • Advertisements
  • Offline Promotion
  • Offers & Discount on big sale
  • Innovation with new flavors


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