Starting A Game Center/Lounge – A Profitable Business Plan For Video Games Lover


Starting a video game center cafe is not a new or an innovative idea in 2016. But with the time, priorities change. People are bored with same old system games. They expect something new. So, this article is an attempt to explain, Starting A Game Center/Lounge – A Profitable Business Plan For Video Games Lover

This article is all about what is the new business trends in this sector:

  • The present condition of gaming center business.
  • What are the new innovations in the gaming industry?
  • How do I setup a gaming center exclusively for computer game lovers?
  • How you can make more money by selling other products.
  •   The present state of gaming center business:

There used to be a time when I used to visit a computer center just to play GTA vice city. Now the time has changed. Every home has a smartphone or a PC. But I don’t want to quote that internet cafes are running under loss, especially when I observe the crowd in the cyber cafes of my city. This is a perfect business idea.

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Gaming centers depend on the location especially. Not everyone is playing on the hi-fi services like a play station or Xbox consoles. At the same time, such gadgets can be found in most of the homes.

Many other video gaming centers which you may encounter in the bigger malls and complexes. These centers offer games such as bike riding where you actually sit on a bike like structure with a screen in front of you.

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  • What are the new innovations in the gaming industry?

Video gaming industry is one of the hottest industries now. Every day, game developing companies are coming in front of the customers with better and innovative games and gadgets.

Games may like even better if it is played on like 3-D set or virtual gadgets, motion sensing game controllers ( like cameras, move motion controllers) have totally revolutionized the gaming industry. Millions of PlayStation, Xbox consoles are sold every year around the world. VR headsets are making people crazy.


  • Business Location

Game centers come in a range of sizes, from small 2,000 sq. ft. establishments to 10,000+ sq. ft. mega-arcades. You’re going to want to fill up your space, so the trick is to find a location that is sized to fit your equipment budget.

But more importantly than size, you need to find a high-traffic location for your game business. Location should be in that area where accessibility for public. Malls, tourist venues and other locations that attract large volumes of young, pedestrian traffic are ideal spots for games.

  • Target Markets for Game Businesses

As you probably know, the rise of Nintendo, Sega, Wii, and other computer gaming has not been good news for game businesses. But when we looking on comfort the prevalence of home gaming, is give more attention than gaming center because gaming center is given feel for rich people only to layman so they hesitate to go there by thinking may be they will spend money at the wrong place. From the outset of your startup, you’ll need to target a specific market segment. Some games focus on teens while others appeal to younger kids and families. You can try to create a game that appeals to both demographics, but it’s likely that the result will be a mishmash of gamers, none of whom will be completely satisfied with the machines offers.


  • How to start my video game center?

If you are living in a developing or underdeveloped country, then you are in a very lucky position. There are people who charge 50 rupees(less than a dollar) for 5 minutes of a roller coaster video on VR headsets. But, that’s not what my point is; you can make more money than that with a small business plan.
Here is how,

– You can do business with just those VR headsets. Buy at least 3 to 4 such sets so that many customers can play simultaneously instead of waiting for their turn. Different VR headsets need different requirements.

– See According to your budget you can go one more step further and buy either PlayStation 4 or Xbox consoles with a LED TV screen to use some extremely awesome games.

– Move motion controllers and cameras can definitely attract your customers.

– Most of the gamers love to eat when they are playing. So, selling food items in the counter is not a bad idea.

– The service plan is up to you. You can make your own plan and price for the service you provide. Most of the people let their customers play games for certain minutes of time every day. Others give monthly passes with some restriction.

The gadgets that I have mentioned above may seem bit costly. But once you setup your business, you can earn your investment within 2 years if you are doing it correctly. In countries like the US, cost estimation of this business is 50000-150000 provided you have bought at least 6 VR headsets, 3 LED screens, 3 Xbox/PlayStation consoles, and systems. The price of the land and electricity not included. The best thing is you can start this business from home itself if you have a bigger space.

If your budget itself is 50000 or less, then I recommend you to do business with just the VR headsets which run with any smartphones.

There are more than 60,000 people per month who are googling for a gaming café around them. This is just the online data, and I’m sure that the offline data is at least 10 times more than this.


v Scope of Gaming Industry in India:

In present scenario, we have a number of modes of entertainment in India have always been watching movies, TV, listening music etc. The culture of gaming never existed in India.  It is now that we see, that a potential market for games has emerged.  This emergence can be attributed to the new generation which is not only acquainted but also equipped with digital media. More than 50 percent of the newer generation belong to the age group below 25 to 30, which makes it even more rife for gaming

The gaming industry in present scenario has grown its existence over various platforms – mobile, console, PC, online gaming and the industry is growing really fast along with the presence on all these platforms.  Most of the other sectors stick to only one platform and then move to the another, once they have established their presence on the same.  However the ‘Gaming Industry’ has a different story to tell.

Outsourcing to India has become a growing trend for providing various services to the global market.  Perhaps, the gaming business is where Hollywood was about 30 years ago. Following suit of Hollywood, the gaming industry is moving away from doing everything at a single location.

.  Businesses can achieve their dreams in the gaming industry but it’s not easy; they have to overcome various challenges.  Creating a gaming application is not about only coding; it needs creativity and diverse skilled resources to develop the application.  The biggest challenge that companies face today is bringing together a strong team with the right skill-set to develop a rock-solid product. Increase in the use of internet and the consumption of digital content over various devices, are some of the reasons that would give significant growth to the gaming industry in India.

  • Advantages & Disadvantages of gaming center Business


* Training the brain to act without to much consideration
* Team uniform approaches
* High knowledge retention
* Quick learning
* Fun & entertaining
* Builds teams cohesiveness
* So many games available
* Very versatile options
* Cheap options available
* Enhances creativity
* Develops a sense of achievement
*Develops critical thinking skills

  • Disadvantages :

* Can be a big risk over a big budget plan over this sector.
* Creates people to be more robotic than human
*with same games people will get bored and stop playing
* Often demonstrations will give participants the main idea of how something works,  but place less emphasis on detail.
* Less critical thinking skills may trap over the same sequence- misdiagnoses caused by doing everything automatically without thinking-properly

Talent wins games but talented make money from games


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