Many people want to start Business HOW TO START A HOTEL BUSINESS IN INDIA In this fastly growing tourism sector hotel business is one of the most demanding business. India has great diversity in terms of its regions and cultures and there are plenty of man-made and natural resources. This means that there are plenty of opportunities to achieve success as far as new hotels in India are concerned.The hotel business is not an easy deal to manage as one needs a good capital and support to manage.Hotel business a perfect business for more earning.

Steps to be taken in order to start a New hotel


Location  of  Hotel:

One has to think about many factors like location. It is important that the hotel site is near important transit points such as railway stations and airports. Close proximity to entertainment destinations such as shopping malls and multiplexes is also desirable. If the hotel location is outside the city, then it should be properly connected to the main city.


A lot of people are not familiar with this world Franchising, it allows for a company to expand rapidly. Before starting any business we a need a strong business plan, same in the case of hotels. It’s like a road map to the opening. However, this is where most entrepreneurs get stuck. Many do not have the time, don’t know what to write or how to do the financials. Until the business plan is finished, many do not get the financing either. So they end up with ideas and blank head.

The Area Required:

Before starting a fresh construction or renovating an existing building for the hotel, you must need to determine the area hotel will require for setting it up properly. Normally a facility with 30-50 rooms is mandatory.The area needed is also determined by the quality of the hotel.

Legal Permissions:

Legal permissions are also needed to be obtained before starting a hotel. Most of these have to be renewed on a yearly basis. Like license for lodging, liquor, water and sewage, and grocery and food items.The owners also need to procure licenses from the Pollution Control Board.

Resources required:

Customer care executives, Sweepers, Managers, Cleaners, Housekeepers, Washers, Waiters

Weakness and threats:

There are many threats to this business as Lack of Ambiance, the hotel is new and not established, Loan burden, limited owners capital funds, Space for low-profit margin, High competition.

Goals that have to be achieved:

Ensure customer satisfaction and build a repeat-customer base. Improve position in the local market and strengthen a brand. You should provide reasonable customer satisfaction.Focus to provide tasty and hygienic food in a clean and neat dining room with washing and toilet facility. With a reasonable rate & quantity. All the members of the management team should be properly qualified for this sector. You should have adequate knowledge about renowned hotel services all over the world.

Market Promotions:

Promotions through radio and newspaper advertising, posters, and the yellow pages.Coupons can be issued for the family dining section to encourage immediate sales.A person who is active in the community can promote the hotel through his affiliation with many groups and organizations.10% discount will be applied to seniors to attract that market.

Customer Attractions:

One can provide facilities like online booking of rooms and dining table. Customizing decorations’ according to occasion also attracts a lot of tribes.Different packages for tourists like picking up and dropping to airports and railways stations through hotel vehicle services and can provide a package for a complete tour with a tour guide.These type of schemes helps a lot.


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