Starting Catering Business In India



“Food is symbolic of love when words are inadequate”

If cooking is what you love, then why not make it your business. When passion turns into the profession isn’t a good idea. Catering is a type of business you can start right away. Initially, you need some funds as food needs to be bought in advance, however, some customer pay in advance which can be helpful.

Initial requirements:

To handle a large number of order you need a vehicle like a van or a SUV. You will likely need someone to help you with your catering business. You may be able to do all the cooking or shopping. However, it is best to have someone who can assist you at large parties. Your assistant can hand out vegetables on a platter, for example, as you run to get additional meat for the party. Guests can invite too many people, which can cause you to run out of food. You may need an assistant to keep the guests happy, which is an important part of catering.

Initial startup expenses:

Commercial stoves with ovens, Dishwasher, sets of cookware, sets of dishware, One van with insulated racks to maintain food’s temperature, Assorted serving trays and utensils, knives and cutting boards, Desk and chair.


Successful caterers are organized, consistent and creative. They enjoy working in an environment that in some ways change every day, while in other ways stays the same. While a lot of the preparation, clean, and serving becomes a bit routine, the places to which you’ll travel and the kinds of functions you’ll attend can differ greatly. Try to invent some of your signature dishes for more popularity. Always maintain the taste and flavors according to maximum demands. Like if catering service is given for school kids or aged people try to add their kind of dishes and minimum spices.

Advertising and promotions:

Promotions in any business is a major part. This can be done in various ways like giving Ads of your catering business online and print Yellow Pages. Create a blog on various wedding forums. Establish yourself as an expert in catering, then offer tips for people’s weddings. Include specialization about your business in your writer’s bio. Provide contact information and a website if people need a caterer for their wedding. Give articles to your local newspaper. Include the types of parties in which you cater at the end of the article. Initially, you should visit potential clients in person. Talk to bridal shops, corporations and city events planners. Tell owners and business contacts that you run a catering business. Ask these owners if they have any weddings or big events coming up. Leave a business card and brochure with your business contacts. Take their business cards and follow up with them. Get your name out there so people think of you when a party comes up.

Always remember:

Focusing on marketing schemes is very important in any business. Always dress professionally and not in food stained clothing. Try to carry an extra shirt or apron in case of messes. Focus on offering a limited menu but the of-course outstanding taste and healthy rather than a broad offering of many dishes. Maintain food quality and hygiene, this is most important.


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