Simple Exercises To Reduce Belly Fat


Today’s generation big problem is belly fat. They find out everywhere how can reduce belly fat. You every time find out how to reduce belly fat? belly fat is a problem and giving you a sleepless night? If you are sad and have belly fat you need to some changes in your lifestyle. You think about your good figure in dreams. No doubt belly fat looking so irritating, displeasing. When you get ready for any party, function you can’t wear your dream dresses because of belly fat. If your belly fat you needs anytime loose clothes and that are not according to your fashion. If you think that only with dieting you can burn your belly fat, so you are 100% wrong. If you want to lose your weight, you need to include some good exercise in your daily life and targeting especially your belly fat.

But don’t worry because we explain some exercise and give diet chart, through this you can give the shape of your belly.

Best Exercises To Reduce Belly Fat

Twist Crunches
Side Crunch
Reverse Crunches
Vertical Leg Crunch
Bicycle Exercise
Lunge Twist
Rolling Plank Exercise
The Stomach Vacuum
Captain’s Chair
Bending Side To Side
Expert Tips


Crunches are most effective exercise for reducing belly fat fastest. And your nothing burn belly fat fastest than crunches because when we do crunch direct effect on belly fat. And now time’s that we need to start to perform the exercise.


How To Do

Lie down flat on yoga mat and knees bent and your feet on the yoga mat. Now lift your legs 90 – degree from the floor (please do according to picture).
Now your hands placed behind your head.
Now inhale deeply and start exercise.
When you get back down exhale as you come.
Do this exercise for 10 times for beginner.
Repeat this two and three times.

Twist Crunches

Once you used to regular crunches exercise, you need to modify your exercise to get more effective tummy workout.

Twist crunches

How To Do

Lie down on the yoga mate with again your hands are behind your head.
Bend your knees properly as like normal crunches, keep your feet on the yoga mat.
You have to lift your upper body while you are performing crunches exercise, you need to aware you live your right shoulder to left legs ( as shown picture).
Again you do with left shoulder towards right legs.
Repeat this 10 times at least for a beginner.


When you listen, you shocked because cardio first exercise for reducing belly fat is walking. Surprised ? you think it’s so simple but 100 % effective. Now you know walking is an effective way of burn belly fat. The Even walk is an excellent fat burner for full body. If you follow the diet chart with walk 30 – 35 minutes every day, you will decrease in your weight.
This is a very easy way of increasing your metabolism. When your metabolism increases your fat burn fastest.


Running also a very good way for increase metabolism and burn fat fastest. It is an effective way to keep your heart healthy and burn your calories fastest.


If you don’t like running and walking you can do jogging. Jogging is very effective way to break down unwanted fat. This is a type of aerobic exercise this burn your fat fastest.


Cycling is also one of most fat burner and part of the cardio exercise that helps to burn calories. through cycling, you can improve your heart rate.


Swimming is very good way of fat burner and very fastest ways of burn fat of full body. If you want to lose your weight you should start swimming once to thrice a week. Swimming very good for health because it reduces blood circulation in the body.


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